Navigating the numerous franchise opportunities can often feel like a daunting task, especially when you are in the researching stage of your journey. If you are new to franchising, you might be unsure whether the information you’re obtaining is helpful or whether a franchise business is holding back key insights. To help you navigate this process, here are some green flags that will signal you’re heading in the right direction, so you can make an informed decision.


A great element of franchising is that you can often enter the role with a range of experience. Whether you have no business or industry experience or a significant amount, you can explore franchising options that fit your circumstances. However, no matter how much experience you have, initial and ongoing training and support are crucial elements to your success.

When researching a franchise, ensure they present clear and thorough franchisee training plans upfront. Details such as the type and length of training, if there’s a team dedicated to training franchisees, and what ongoing support looks like will allow you to determine whether the franchise can offer you everything you need to succeed from the jump.


It should come as no surprise that franchising requires a monetary investment. Determining your budget ahead of time and then searching for franchise businesses that align with it can allow you to be realistic as you work to meet the requirements established by your franchisor.

As you peruse franchise opportunities, you should come across the financial elements involved with the investment—this is a major green flag, as it signifies transparency. Details like the initial franchising fee and how much liquid capital/net worth is required should be broadly outlined rather withheld. You can expect more granular details, such as the royalty and renewal fees, when you are further along in your research and have obtained a Franchise Disclosure Document.


Looking at a franchise brand’s industry can help provide a clearer picture of past, current, and future trends. Historical growth, current market size and value, and future trajectory can all be discovered when researching the industry as a whole. It’s a green flag when a franchise business provides this insight for you because it demonstrates that the brand has their pulse on the industry’s landscape. Additionally, it suggests that the products/services a franchise offers are still relevant and meet its customers’ needs and therefore remain competitive and profitable.


If a business offers a franchise opportunity, it is obvious they want to grow their network. However, good franchise businesses have a strategy in place to help reach that goal and sustain growth.

As a prospective franchisee, look for brands that detail how and why growth is possible within their industry. This could include information about market trends or consumer behavior that indicates how the business/industry plans to expand and why consumers will remain interested and engaged long-term. Additionally, finding out how they stand out from their competition can be a significant green flag, as it can provide insight into how they plan on attracting new customers and differentiate themselves from the pack. Investing in a stagnant or oversaturated market often leaves little to no room for profitable growth, so be sure to look for a franchise with an established growth plan.

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When you research a franchise, you likely want to learn as much as you can about the opportunity before taking the next step and reaching out. If a franchise lacks valuable, readily available information, you will likely turn to a competitor that is more transparent.

On the contrary, if you find a business has taken the time and resources to create dedicated content, it often indicates the level of time and effort they put into the opportunity. This can be a green flag that the franchisor is committed to helping its franchisees succeed and is willing to provide the necessary support and resources to do so. A dedicated section or website can act as the hub for franchise information about the business and can be exactly what you’re looking for to help you make your decision.


Whether you’re new to franchising or you have some experience, understanding the steps to franchise ownership for a particular business is key, as there is always some differentiation between brands. When researching a franchise online, the business should provide a clear and transparent process from initial inquiry to signing on the dotted line. The process often includes confirming your financial information, obtaining a franchise disclosure document, and signing a franchise agreement. Clearly outlined next steps can indicate the franchise brand’s attention to consistency and quality.


One of the best ways to gain insight into a franchise opportunity is by hearing directly from those who’ve already gone through the process. Finding out more information about the franchise opportunity from someone who was once in your shoes can offer information that you won’t get elsewhere. Franchisee testimonials are a green flag, as they demonstrate that the franchise has a network of satisfied owners who are willing to share their positive experiences.


When reading up on a franchise, pay attention to how they explain their business and the products/services they offer. Are they a leader in their industry? A top choice among the customer base? Resilient against economic uncertainty? All of these factors can help indicate the strength of the franchise and its reputation in its industry and help you narrow down your list of potential businesses.


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