The global pet boarding services market, a subset of the booming pet industry, is experiencing steady growth. In 2022, the market was valued at an estimated $6.72 billion and is expected to reach over $12.59 billion by 2030. What is currently fueling this increase? We have identified some trends in customer needs that shed light on why dog boarding franchises are in demand.


The number of people traveling dipped during the height of the pandemic, along with a reduction in travel and tourism exports that typically remained strong in the U.S. up until 2021. Fast-forward to 2024, and traveling has once again stabilized, with international tourism expected to reach pre-pandemic levels this year.

In the U.S., 82% of Americans plan on traveling this year, 92% expect to travel as much this year as last year, and 40% say they will travel more this year. Air passengers are also breaking records, as seen by the more than 2.9 million passengers across the country during Memorial Day weekend.

With traveling rates returning, pet parents often need to find boarding while on vacation. According to a surveyof American dog parents, only 33% will travel with their dog by plane. The same survey indicates that 37% of respondents consider their top annoyance to be finding a sitter when traveling or being unable to bring their dog. Boarding franchises can directly meet the needs of many traveling pet parents and provide a solution to this pain point.


Pet humanization is not only a trend in the pet industry—it’s a reflection of the strong emotional bond many pet parents have with their furry companions. As the term implies, pets are treated and cared for as if they were humans and are attributed human traits and characteristics. Approximately 97% of American pet parents consider their pet to be a family member.

The growing emphasis on pet humanization is changing how parents perceive and care for their pets, as reflected in the increasing rate of pet industry expenditures in the U.S. In fact, 86% of pet parents are willing to adjust their budgets to afford pet expenses, and 44% of pet parents are planning on spending more on their pets in 2024, despite 41% saying they spent more than anticipated in 2023.

Dog boarding franchises align with pet parents’ need to provide quality care to their pets that mirrors the care they receive at home. At Dogtopia, for example, boarding includes a full day of daycare, during which dogs can play, learn, exercise, and socialize with like-minded pups. Dogtopia also has live HD webcams in each playroom, so pet parents can tune in to their pup’s playtime during the day and see that their dog is well, offering peace of mind and transparency.

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Although boarding can be an excellent option for travelers, it can also be a solution for those who spend time outside of their homes engaging in social outings and experience-based opportunities.

A study conducted in 2022 reported that approximately 21% of Americans have a renewed appreciation for social activities since the pandemic, and the type of socialization opportunities appears to be more experience-based. For instance, there has been a 65% increase in spending on experiences at destination attractions, while 93% of American attraction visitors plan to visit this year at the same rate or more compared to last year.

Younger generations are helping lead the way in experience-seeking. 67% of millennials, in particular, will pay more for unique experiences. This generation also happens to make up the largest share of pet parents in America. Boarding can help meet the needs of millennial pet parents seeking these experiences without their dog and a boarding service that can provide quality care they can trust.

By booking boarding for their pup, experience-seeking pet parents don’t have to come home early to take their dog for a walk or throughout the day to take them out on bathroom breaks. Convenience and peace of mind make boarding services an attractive option for pet parents who want to make the most of their experiences.


While the pet industry offers various growing markets, investing in a franchise that offers quality boarding can help you meet the increasing demands of customers seeking this type of service. As the leading pet services franchise, Dogtopia prioritizes dog wellness and provides quality care through daycare, boarding, and spa services. If you are interested in learning more about franchising with Dogtopia, check out our Why Dogtopia page and FAQ for details.