Attracting and retaining customers is one of the most essential elements to a business’ success. A loyal customer base is vital in the pet industry, which continues to grow year-over-year. Consider dog daycare—pet parents trust that the business they choose will keep their furry companion safe and healthy. Without that trust, it can be very difficult for a customer to become loyal, as customers want their trust maintained and reinforced over time and 83% of consumers say they will not stick with a business without trust.

We at Dogtopia value this trust immensely, and it is our promise that all dogs in our care are in the hands of professionally trained Canine Coaches. We take pride in providing our daycare pups with a fun and safe environment, and it is, in part, because of the standards we set that we are a leading provider of dog daycare in North America.

Find out what makes Dogtopia stand out and how we help our franchisees develop a happy, loyal customer base.


Franchises, by nature, focus heavily on consistency, as each location in a franchise network offers a similar experience for customers no matter which location they visit. Dogtopia excels at providing our franchisees a consistent, proven roadmap to success. At its core are our commitments to safety and philosophy that act as the launching pad from which each of our services takes off. We then follow a consistent business model in each franchise location to ensure our safety precautions are followed, the daycare curriculum (i.e., brain games, exercise, socialization, etc.) is maintained, and the overall experience that pet parents and our daycare pups have is of the highest quality.

Providing a consistently positive experience allows customers the opportunity to build expectations rooted in trust. If they have a positive experience with your business, why look elsewhere? Research indicates that 90% of customers who are “highly satisfied” with a business are highly likely to return and recommend the business to others.

Our franchisees receive initial and ongoing training to ensure our model is followed. As a result, elements like daily procedures and customer service become standardized, which creates smoother daily operations and a consistent customer experience.

Our safety protocol, which we’ve made easy to follow for franchisees, is also something we strongly emphasize at Dogtopia. With our safety standards and ongoing measures set by animal experts, a well-trained group of Canine Coaches to offer care, and cleaning protocols that remain consistent across Dogtopia locations, our pet parents can have peace of mind that their dog is safe and in a healthy environment. This confidence can help build their loyalty to Dogtopia long-term.


We strive to offer our doggie guests a universally positive experience regarding safety, fun, and opportunities to grow into even greater canine citizens. To do so, we enable our franchisees to create playrooms that follow our safety-first designs. After all, we are an indoor daycare, so our playrooms are at the forefront of each dog’s experience at Dogtopia.

Each of our locations in our franchise network offers at least three types of playrooms that are specific to a dog’s size, temperament, and play style. We want our pet parents to know that their pup is safely interacting with like-minded furry friends. That way, it is easier for dogs to socialize, build bonds with one another, and feel a greater sense of comfort. Franchisees can assure pet parents that each time they bring their furry family member to daycare, they will have a similar playroom experience. This can help build a loyal customer base among those who prefer a consistently safe experience as compared to a dog park, for example, where it’s a mix of dogs of varying sizes and temperaments. This stand-out differentiator can help generate trust and loyalty.


Dogtopia franchisees can also promote their services by emphasizing the feeling their dogs get after spending a day in our care. We wouldn’t have the success that we do without actual tangible results! During daycare, pups receive 8–10 hours of play and engage in a number of opportunities to boost their physical and emotional wellbeing. We provide brain games for pups to strengthen their problem-solving skills, exercises disguised as fun agility games, opportunities to socialize with other dogs to tap into their natural pack instincts, and more.

We assist franchisees with marketing and in-store efforts to communicate to our pet parents that regular daycare creates a routine for the pups and allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, when they see their dog benefiting physically, emotionally, and socially, they remain loyal long-term.


Other businesses may struggle to provide transparency, but our Dogtopia franchise owners allow customer transparency from the very beginning. We encourage transparency by offering live webcams in each playroom, a free mobile app that allows customers to contact their stores, regular report cards that detail their pup’s activities, and more. As a Dogtopia franchise owner, having these tools available can help build on customer relationships as it gives pet parents an “inside look” at the care their pup receives. As they see positive results or opportunities to improve, they continue coming back.


A positive brand reputation can be extremely important to a successful business. Fortunately for franchisees, they can obtain this reputation as soon as they open their location’s doors. Although it will still take work to build a loyal customer base, having a well-known brand on your side allows our franchisees the ability to use our corporate messaging, research, safety measures, and other important resources to their advantage. Dogtopia offers turnkey solutions and custom marketing materials to help franchisees spread the word about their business within their local communities.


If you are seeking a franchise investment opportunity where you can receive significant training and support within the booming pet industry, look no further than Dogtopia. If you have questions about this opportunity, check out our FAQ page for more details.