One of the most positive elements that individuals can benefit from in the franchising world is a supportive work environment. It’s something that can make investing in the industry so appealing, especially to those coming out of the corporate world.

A supportive work environment can look different depending on the franchise network and the employees of each location. However, as a whole, franchising is known for cultivating a supportive culture for the franchise owner and their team.


A significant component of franchising is the amount of support a franchisor provides the franchisee. Not only will you have support and training on how to open the franchise location, including some of the more technical requirements, but you will also receive guidance along the way so that you can feel confident in your role as a franchise owner.

Franchisor support helps create an environment where franchisees know they are acknowledged and assisted. Franchisors want their franchisees to succeed, and initial and ongoing support plays a big role in that. As a prospective franchisee, knowing that an expert team is available to assist you during each step of the process is reassuring. The same can be said for current franchisees—support is always available.

Franchisees come from diverse career backgrounds, and support and training from the franchisor provides the necessary skills to be set up for success despite previous experience. You are not an island—a franchising team is there to support your needs from the beginning.


Becoming a franchisee provides the valuable opportunity to join a network of other franchisees and be part of a larger team. Access to fellow franchisees who are going through similar experiences provides a great resource for support and insight. Many franchise businesses hold regular opportunities to connect, including in-person conventions and online courses, that allow franchisees to meet.


Franchise owners are likely the ones leading a team of employees each day, depending on their franchise ownership model. As a result, franchisees can take on a leadership role and provide the support their employees need.

Franchisees have the opportunity to carve out a work environment that supports themselves and their employees, where employees can feel recognized and appreciated for their work. They can create a family-like connection in a supportive work environment, which will help progress the business and meet its goals, as everyone the same drive to succeed.


The answer may seem obvious—who doesn’t want to feel supported? However, a supportive work environment offers multiple benefits that are often not considered.

For one, fostering a supportive work environment positions employee wellbeing as a priority. With 83% of Americans experiencing work-related stress, feeling supported can significantly diminish the stress employees feel toward their workplace. As a result, other areas of their role can flourish.

A supportive workplace also allows for greater engagement, as employees will feel comfortable expressing themselves and contributing ideas. The proof is in the data: Research shows that when employees feel their voices are heard, they are nearly five times more likely to feel empowered to perform at their best during work. Similarly, employees that feel a sense of belonging at work are over five times more likely to perform their best.


Dogtopia offers a great deal of initial and ongoing support for our franchisees. From the first point of contact to opening a location’s doors, including the more “behind the scenes” elements like marketing and vendor support, we are here to provide a space for support and recognition.

To learn more about franchising, be sure to check out our detailed FAQ page that will provide answers about the pet industry, the investment, and why you should franchise with Dogtopia.