Dogtopia was founded in 2002 and began franchising three years later. Being early pioneers in the dog daycare industry, we couldn’t be prouder of the franchise system we have developed and are honored to be the fastest-growing franchise in the ever-expanding pet sector. We now have a network of more than 200 locations, with plans to reach 400+ by 2025.

Over the years, we have focused on perfecting a business model that can lead our franchise owners to success, and paired with the magnitude of support provided, offer a unique experience. The team at Dogtopia’s head office is filled with experienced professionals who want to see each franchisee succeed. We are proud to say that our network of franchise owners wants the same for new franchisees who join the brand and their daycares.

It is important to note that franchising can differ greatly from a typical business model you would find in the corporate world or when launching a start-up. The main differentiator being you are not pursuing this new business venture alone. Not only are you stepping into a proven business model that has a history of success, but you are also joining an expansive network of other franchisees who have been in your shoes before – truly one big family. If you are making a career change to franchising, this type of supportive network, along with the extensive training Dogtopia offers, allows you to feel more confident, especially if and when hurdles arise when opening your location.

Below are ways in which the expansive network of Dogtopia franchisees can provide guidance, assistance, and support. If you are interested in franchising with Dogtopia, please check out our detailed FAQ page, which answers some of the most common questions we receive. If you align with our franchising requirements, be sure to fill out our online inquiry page to begin the process to becoming a Dogtopian!


At Dogtopia, we take a team approach when guiding our franchisees. From our leadership team and Board of Directors to our Support Office team and more, we provide support throughout your entire franchising journey. In addition to franchising support, such as our 30-day initial training program, guidance from our franchise team, online training modules, grand opening support, and so much more, we have monthly webinars and seminars, quarterly regional workshops, an annual in-person Dogtopia conference, weekly communication updates, and access to our Village of Knowledge, which is composed of our network of franchisees and Subject Matter Experts who provide and share best practices based on their own experience and knowledge.

We aim to create spaces where our franchise owners can connect. Even if you are the only Dogtopia franchise in your city, you will still feel supported from others in similar situations in different locations. You will gain diverse knowledge regarding how you can operate business at your location and share experiences with one another. In doing so, this provides more unity within our network.


Our network of franchise owners is a family. Starting any new business venture can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to the industry. When franchising with Dogtopia, you have the experience of other franchise owners at your fingertips. From opening your location’s doors to establishing repeat customers, you will feel secure knowing you can ask other franchisees for advice or feedback. Rather than working independently, our network works together because when one location celebrates success, we all celebrate together.


While franchises do have a greater success rate than self-launched businesses thanks to a proven business model, it doesn’t take away from the hard work and effort put in by franchise owners. It is important to note that not every franchise owner in our network began their journey as an expert in franchising. In fact, many of our franchisees are families or partners who wanted to go into business together. Some were even looking for a post-military career. This is a testament to how dedication and passion lead to positive results.

Observing the results of Dogtopia franchise owners can help prospective franchisees feel reassured whether you have existing franchising experience or not. As long as you have dedication, leadership qualities, and a passion for dogs, you too can be successful. Knowing a franchise model worked for someone else who may have a situation and lifestyle similar to your own can boost your confidence that franchising with Dogtopia may be a good fit.


Collaboration allows us to grow even stronger. When you become a franchisee with Dogtopia, you are entering into a community of like-minded professionals. If you are interested in taking the next step in your professional career with Dogtopia, be sure to check out our ideal franchisee page for your ownership options and read our franchisee testimonials to hear first-hand from our network why Dogtopia could be a great opportunity for you.