The Modrn Business podcast, hosted by Ryan Hicks, recently featured Dogtopia’s Partner & VP of Franchise Development, Alex Samios.

He talked about what sets Dogtopia apart from other pet care franchises, saying, “I was talking to our Franchisee of the Year a couple of weeks ago and I said ‘John, what was it that was the tipping point for you with Dogtopia?’ and he said, ‘When I heard the noble cause.’ Which is to enhance the joy of dog parenthood and enable dogs to positively change our world. That’s our northern star; that’s our vision. That’s not just a phrase we put on the wall. We live it every day, and enhancing that joy of dog parenthood is something we take very seriously, along with health and safety.”

Samios also discussed the booming pet services sector, how they plan to take advantage of the billions of real estate space that’s newly available, what they look for in a Dogtopia franchisee, and why he feels the pet services space is poised for explosive growth.

To hear Samios’ advice for those considering franchising and more about Dogtopia’s exciting initiatives for the rest of 2021, listen to the full podcast here.