Where does company culture rank when evaluating a franchise opportunity? While various elements can attract you to a franchise, its culture will play a significant role in the overall foundation and experience you have as a franchisee. Many prospective franchisees overlook company culture, despite its importance to their future satisfaction.

Below, we will outline why a franchise’s company culture should be a priority in your evaluation, as a strong culture can benefit you as a franchisee.


A franchise system’s culture can be multi-faceted, as it encompasses factors like shared values and behaviors, as well as the “feel” of the company among its franchisees. Of course, culture is subjective; it can be external, as perceived by its customers, and internal, as it is fostered among the franchisees and corporate team.

When you search for a franchise opportunity, finding those who communicate how they prioritize their culture can often give you an idea of some of the important elements they uphold.


Did you know only two in ten employees in America feel connected to their organization’s culture and according to a global study, 41% of employees would change engagement or culture to make their employer a great place to work? Additionally, among 83% of Americans who experience work-related stress, 32% say “people issues” are the cause of that stress. While this does not necessarily imply a direct correlation, it does help tell a story of how fostering company culture and developing strong relationships within a company are not always prioritized or cultivated.

As a prospective franchisee, finding a franchise business that prioritizes a positive, strong culture compatible with your values and beliefs can increase the chances of finding satisfaction within the role, especially since companies with a robust culture result in a 72% rise in employee engagement.


When a company has a strong company culture, it can have a direct effect on how employees engage with their work. A workplace survey found that 63% of American employees said their workplace culture impacts the success of the organization, while 77% said culture influences them doing their best work, 76% reported it influences their productivity and efficiency, and 74% said it influences their ability to best serve their customers. For franchisees, an established strong culture can carry into the location they run, ultimately impacting that location’s success.


A strong company culture can create the foundation of a solid franchise brand image. From a customer’s perspective, a franchise’s values can help them develop a connection and trust with the brand. From a franchisee perspective, a strong company culture provides a roadmap for them to follow, as they can emulate the brand’s morals, values, and behaviors in their location. This creates consistency across the network, as customers know what to expect from each franchise.


A strong franchisor/franchisee relationship can stem from a strong company culture that creates space for open, effective communication. This communication is especially crucial during all stages of the franchising process, from initial training to ongoing support. A franchise with a strong company culture can uphold an environment that supports and creates avenues for transparent, clear communication, leading to a positive experience for everyone involved.


A recent study revealed that one in five Americans quit their jobs in the previous five years because of bad company culture, resulting in $223 billion in turnover cost. When considering the issues in a franchising context, it is important to remember that a franchise system’s culture can trickle down into its individual locations. Choosing a franchise system with a strong company culture can be a significant benefit, as the brand has likely developed employee retention strategies. A positive culture can help employees feel satisfied in their roles, which can set your franchise business up for success.


At Dogtopia, we’ve established a culture that all our franchise locations uphold, which is reflected in how we run our daycares. From our Noble Cause to our commitments to safety and the ways we give back to the community through The Dogtopia Foundation, our company culture is interwoven into everything we do. In fact, Dogtopia was recently awarded Best Franchise Culture by Franchise Business Review, which is an acknowledgement based on franchisee feedback and benchmarked against other franchise brands.

If you find our culture aligns with your objectives as a prospective franchisee, we encourage you to review our requirements and fill out our online inquiry form to contact our franchising team for the next steps.