Investing in a dog daycare franchise can be an exciting opportunity that will allow you to pursue a career that aligns with your interests, lifestyle and career goals. Not to mention, being around furry four-legged customers is a plus! However, with any business opportunity, there will be various opportunities and challenges that come along with it.

Feeling confident in your decision prior to investing in a dog daycare franchise is important. Keep in mind that every situation is different, and accepting the challenges that come along with these opportunities means you can follow a career path that supports your passion.

If you want more information about franchising with Dogtopia, be sure to check out our FAQ page that outlines details on the pet industry, Dogtopia and what is included in your franchise investment.


While it is obvious that investing in a dog daycare franchise is synonymous with investing in the pet industry, it is important to note how great of an opportunity it is to enter into the pet industry as it is currently booming. While vast and rapidly growing with future projections to match, now is an ideal time to invest in the pet industry.

The pet industry is expected to reach $275 billion by 2030, with a projected 8% compound annual growth rate(CAGR) expected by the same year. Combined, both the present and the future are bright for this industry. While these future projections are promising, there is also growth that is evident currently in the global pet daycare and lodging market. From 2022-2026, there is a 6.34% CAGR, and the market is expected to grow by $8.6 billion in the same allotted timeframe.

By investing in a dog daycare, you can enter this thriving industry and rake in the benefits it brings. Being recession-resistant, as evident in the growing amount of sales during the pandemic and in previous recessions, investing in a dog daycare and taking part in the pet industry can provide franchisees with the opportunity for success.


Owning any type of business comes with its own amount of responsibility. However, when owning a dog daycare franchise, you and your team are responsible for taking care of your customers’ furry family members. Even if you are not the one to engage with the pups, it is still on your shoulders as the franchise owner.

54% of pet parents treat their dogs like their children. Thus, similar to a daycare for humans, a dog daycare can carry just as much weight in responsibility and safety. Before investing in a dog daycare franchise, it is crucial to acknowledge that your customers are putting their trust in you and the team you’ve assembled.

However, those passionate about wanting to deliver quality service to customers and their dogs and who are receptive to the training and ongoing support provided by the franchisor can take this perceived challenge and transform it into a drive to make dogs’ experience at daycare exceptional.


A flexible schedule can be considered an opportunity, particularly for those coming out of a corporate career who are looking to veer away from a 9-5 structure. A dog daycare is about meeting pet parents’ needs, which can mean opening early in the morning and closing later into the evening. However, one of the positive components of owning a dog daycare franchise is that you can count on the team you assemble.

When a location is up and running, many franchisees can gradually reduce the amount of time needed in-store (if desired) and allow their team to handle many of the daily operations. This means franchisees have more flexibility in their day and are not necessarily tied down to staying “at the office” if not warranted.

Many franchises also offer an opportunity to choose the franchise ownership model that best suits their lifestyle and career goals. Rather than selecting something more full-time, there is a semi-absentee model that can offer flexibility, which creates an opportunity for more time meeting personal goals, pursuing other revenue streams, and more.


When it comes to franchising, franchise owners are required to follow a set business model. Albeit proven to be successful, some may find it difficult to not be able to change operations on a dime or personalize the business. This is where franchising and launching a startup, for example, can greatly differ, as those wanting to add their own unique style and adjustments to products/services are unable to do so. This is not to say franchisors are resistant to hearing feedback and suggestions. However, the core business model cannot alter on a franchisee level.

Some may consider this challenge an opportunity (or even a relief), because franchise owners can rest assured that the business plan set in place has a proven record of success. With assistance on marketing and advertising, along with ongoing support, franchisees can use what’s available to them and reflect their personality and passion through it.


When you bring a dog daycare franchise to your community, you are also bringing an existing and trusted reputation along with it. In turn, pet parents can turn to your location as their pup’s doggie destination to meet their daycare and supervision needs.

Pet ownership is increasing, as 65% of those 18-34 years old plan to get or add a pet in the next five years, leading to a 14% increase in pet ownership by the year 2030. There is also an increase in pet parents putting their pup’s needs above their own. Combined, many pet parents are looking for services to help provide quality care for their pup. That’s where your dog daycare franchise location(s) can come in.

The opportunity to meet the needs of a growing number of pet parents in the already booming pet industry can be incredibly advantageous for prospective dog daycare franchise owners to consider.


If you are prepared to take the next step in your career and pursue a dog daycare franchise, our team at Dogtopia cannot wait to speak with you. Our business model prioritizes training and support to our network of franchisees in over 200 locations to help them feel prepared every step of the way. If you meet our franchise requirements and want to learn more, be sure to reach out using our online inquiry form to get started.