Franchise ownership is a significant career step for many as it involves following a business model that some may not be initially familiar with if coming from a corporate background. With all its moving parts, the franchising process can require time and attention to yield positive results. This is why you will find many franchise organizations take the time, especially early in the process, to provide “checkpoints” to confirm that franchising is something you would still like to move forward with before signing anything legally binding.

Discovery Day is one of those initial checkpoints you will find yourself typically after receiving the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document outlines in detail the franchising relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. Discovery Day can play a crucial role in determining if franchising with a particular business or brand is the right fit and can provide greater insight into what to expect moving forward.


A big part of what this day constitutes is in the name – discovery. Prospective franchisees are invited to the franchise’s headquarters or corporate support office to discover more about the franchise. You will also get to meet with the franchising team and/or executives and learn some of the critical components of franchising with that particular business. This is also an excellent opportunity to determine if you are a good fit for the franchisor and if franchising with this business is a good fit for you, your lifestyle and your career goals.

It is important to note not everyone gets to this “checkpoint” in their franchising journey. Only those qualified and meet the franchising requirements, including financial qualifications, receive an invite. This is to help ensure that those who meet with the franchising team are serious about their franchising journey, as the trip to HQ becomes much more meaningful for all parties involved when attendees are dedicated.


Every franchise system will differ slightly from what they offer during their discovery days as it depends on the industry and what the franchisor wants to present, share and discuss. However, a specific agenda usually helps shape the day. In most cases, the franchise business you are pursuing has already held many discovery days over the years, so you can expect it will be structured.

Because this will take place at the franchise’s headquarters or corporate support office, you can expect a tour and some meet and greets with the team. You can also anticipate presentations that act as a deep dive into the franchise experience within the specific business. Topics can include training, overall support, marketing, site location, construction, launch day. There is a lot to discuss and key details to uncover, which makes it a great opportunity to take lots of notes and ask questions.

As explained, every franchise will have discovery days that differ, but by the end, you should consider asking what the next steps are in the process, as this can give you some direction as you head back home. In most situations, you will receive a call a few days later from a franchise team member with their choice of whether they’d like to move forward with you as a franchisee. Equipped with their decision, you can then proceed with your own.


It is important to remember that this is a day to learn even more about the franchise, so there’s no need to add pressure to the situation. You are not there to sign any contracts or make a decision on the spot. Instead, this is a day to stay open and communicative with everyone you meet, as this will better prepare you if you decide to continue your franchising journey. By agreeing to attend the discovery day, you are in no way solidifying your final answer with the franchisor.

While a discovery day is meant for discovery, you should go into it with general knowledge of the business model and what the franchising agreement entails. A discovery day is often scheduled after the prospective franchisee has received and reviewed the FDD. You’ll want the chance to thoroughly review the document and comprehend some of the key points of the opportunity before attending. Plus, by coming into the discovery day with this knowledge, you can ask more specific questions and clear up anything that you may want further clarification.

Discovery day is one of your first chances to experience the franchisor’s culture and hear first-hand from the team that will be behind you, supporting you throughout your journey (if you so choose). To prepare for this informative day, bring questions and acquire as much knowledge from this group of individuals as possible. Having a great deal of information puts you in a much better place to make an informed decision.

This is also a chance for the franchisor to meet you face-to-face, so you want to make a good first impression. While this may seem nerve-wracking, it is important to keep in mind that franchisors want to see candidates open to the information and passionate about the journey. They also want to gauge your motivation to become a successful franchisee with their brand, which you can demonstrate by going into the discovery day feeling confident with the knowledge you acquired beforehand. If you are serious about moving forward, they will likely pick up on it.


At Dogtopia, we invite prospective franchisees to attend discovery day at our corporate support office. You will have the chance to see our brand, meet our key executives and meet a Dogtopia franchisee who can provide even greater insight into this journey.

Our Next Steps page provides an overview of what you can expect in your franchising journey with Dogtopia. Our FAQ page outlines some of the most common questions we receive about the industry, Dogtopia, the investment and more. If you are interested in proceeding and you meet our criteria, please complete our online franchise inquiry form.