If you are considering taking your career in a new direction or are looking to follow your passion in a role that better suits your business goals and lifestyle, you’ll want to enter an industry that offers support, while setting you up for success. Investing in a dog daycare franchise can offer exactly that.

There are many reasons why you may desire a second career. Whether it be to gain greater financial stability or engage in more fulfilling work, moving on to a new career can be an exciting yet unnerving experience for some, as it can feel like they are starting from square one. Investing in the pet industry, particularly with a dog daycare, can be a great choice for those who would like to follow their interests and feel fulfilled in their job but also want an industry with a bright outlook and future.

Below are details about why investing in a dog daycare can be a great choice as a second career, especially when entering into an agreement with a franchise system that has proven themselves to be successful. If you are interested in learning more about the pet industry and dog daycare, check out our About the Pet Industry webpage for more details.


The pet industry is continuously growing as more individuals acquire pets. In fact, Millennials, the largest generation in the US, is leading the way in pet ownership, making up the largest share of pet parents in the country.

Generally speaking, the pet industry expects to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% by 2030 – one of the largest rates of return in any retail segment. At this rate, total spending will reach $277 billion by 2030, according to a Morgan Stanley report.

Looking into the specifics of this industry, the pet daycare and lodging market is also set to grow significantly in the years to come. A recent report has indicated that this market expects to increase by $8.6 billion between 2022 – 2026, indicating a 6.34 CAGR within this timeframe.

While there are a number of reasons why now can be the right time to invest in the pet care industry, it is also worth noting that there is a strong shield around dog daycares, allowing the sector to be less impacted by a recession. This is evident in how well the dog daycare sector of the pet industry has performed during past recessions and how it is built for success thanks to the value pet parents place on their furry family members.

Knowing the positive future projections of this industry can be extremely reassuring when investing in a dog daycare as a second career, especially when wanting to avoid jumping into something that is not expected to perform well long term.


Building a successful career can take time and effort. However, when pursuing a second career, you may not want to expend your time building a business from the ground up, especially if you are coming out of a long-time role that required significant attention and time out of your personal life. This is why franchising can be so appealing.

When pursuing a career as a franchise owner, you will follow a set business model that has proven to be successful. While it will still require attention to detail, leadership and effort, the hard work of building brand recognition and awareness with the general public has already been done. To run a dog daycare and have pet parents put their trust in you and your team, having a reputable name to back you up and provide authority in the industry can be tremendously valuable.

Additionally, if you are entering a second career, especially later in life, you’ll probably have a few items in mind to make a second opportunity worth your while without taking away from your personal life too much. You will want to “get to the good part,” and find success faster, build from an established brand to generate a quality customer base rather than doing it on your own, and receive quality training within an industry you enjoy.


A dog daycare thrives on teamwork. From daily tasks to customer care (for both dogs and their pet parents) and much more in between, a team of employees is what keeps the dog daycare operating and performing well.

For a dog daycare franchise owner, relying on this team can allow for greater flexibility in their role and responsibilities. Therefore, pursuing a dog daycare, which is inherently team-based, can allow you freedom in your role while continuing to dedicate time and commitment to the business. As someone pursuing a second career, this can allow you to be more focused on your passion.

Many franchise systems also offer their franchisees different ownership models which can align with different lifestyle. If one of your business goals when pursuing a second career is to create a better work-life balance, selecting an ownership model that offers that will allow you greater flexibility.


If you want to pursue a second career in the dog daycare industry but are worried the years of experience you have obtained won’t apply or will “all be for nothing,” it is important to consider the soft skills you acquired along the way. These skills can be universal.

Entering a dog daycare franchise can allow you to apply many of the same skills you may have already possessed in previous careers. For instance, if you are coming out of a corporate career that relied on proper organization and teamwork, those skills can be extremely useful in a dog daycare setting, as you would likely be the one to oversee tasks and maintain the business day-to-day. The same can be said if you have worked in a customer-facing job, as running a dog daycare relies heavily on building quality relationships with pet parents.


Unlike a seasonal business, dog daycare offers service year-round, making it an excellent opportunity to generate profit and continue generating success year after year.

Rather than relying on peak times in the year, dog daycare can be offered at any point, especially because it is indoors as weather wouldn’t be an issue. With many pet parents considering their dogs true members of the family, which has resulted in an increase in spending, providing pups with care is not something that is once in a while or on a special occasion. Rather this is a routine expense that adults between 18-34 years old are willing to spend a great amount of their income on and is a true priority for them.


The ability to expand and grow in your career is one of the great benefits when investing in a dog daycare. Many franchise owners choose to invest in multiple franchise locations, either from the jump or later down the line, which highlights how expansive this sector of the pet industry can be. Whether you choose to stick with one location or consider taking on multiple, there is great opportunity for flexibility and growth (as long as financial considerations are met), which you may not have experienced in your first career.


Many of our franchisees have chosen to leave their current career behind and follow a new path of franchise ownership that offers them greater freedom to follow their passions. If you are interested in doing the same, we encourage you to review our Why Dogtopia? and What Is My Investment? pages to learn more about Dogtopia and some of the logistics involved in franchising with us. If you are ready to take that next step, you can fill out our online inquiry form, and a member of our franchising team will follow up.