While working with dogs and other live animals can be challenging in many ways, one of the best things about Dogtopia is that you don’t need to be an existing dog expert to join us! Dogtopia will provide you and your teams with all the training and certifications required so you and your staff are always ready to optimize a safe and fun environment for everyone.

Owner/Operator Training: Upon signing on as a Dogtopia franchise, you will be immediately enrolled in our robust 4-week training program consisting of more than 120 hours of training! The training is broken down into two components: classroom and in-store training. They include the following: Classroom sessions are facilitated virtually and consist of two separate 4 day programs called University and MBA. They are both hosted by the US Support Office team and your enrollment in these will be paced out based on the phases of your real estate and construction process leading up to your opening. Heads-up, pay attention! You will be expected to pass an exam before graduating from these!

For the in-store component, you will be trained at one of our Corporate locations and work directly alongside our certified trainers two separate weeks of hands-on application of the theory and curriculum you have learned in University and MBA. This kind of pre-training is invaluable and sets you up for success with first-hand experience of what a day in the life of Dogtopia is truly like!

Bootcamp: You will want to retain your entire team about two weeks before your opening date to enable them to complete all of the required training modules. Senior positions like your GM may be retained 1-4 months in advance of opening. The Canadian Support Office team will then come to you for 3 days of pre-opening and 2 days of post-opening support. This is a hands-on, interactive and ‘train the trainer’ style of program where our team observes, provides feedback and ensure you are set-up for success with 50 d

ogs in your door month one!

Ongoing Support and Growth Opportunities!: Dogtopia has created opportunities for growth amongst your team to assist you in your recruitment and retention efforts~ These include but are not limited to promoting staff to entry-level management level positions such as an operations or marketing manager, allowing staff to work various positions within the same location, or having

Canine Coaches progress through our tiered-training system. This internal training system for Canine Coaches consists of 3 levels and by the end of the modules the coaches will be able to provide individual and group training for all Dogtopia pups!

Want to know how to open your own Dogtopia location near you? Email us at [email protected]