When it comes to site selection, Dogtopia has several resources that makes the process as easy as possible for you as a single or multi-unit franchisee.

Our Sophisticated Mapping Software: Whether you are (or are not) an expert in Real Estate, as a Dogtopia franchisee, we make all of the data from our robust mapping software available to you upon signing a franchise agreement. This means that if you want to look for locations yourself, send us your preferred real estate sites, and ask for a full analysis on the pros and cons of the area we will provide you with this intel. Additionally, you can retain our team to take on all of the legwork of identifying, analyzing, and proposing locations to you in an agreed upon site selection area we can as well!

The Data: Within the software, the predictive variables we analyze include (but are not limited to): population base and density, registered dogs in an area, nearby dog parks in area, incoming/outgoing traffic flow of a location, strength of co-tenants in the area, households with above average income in the area, and how many target Dogtopia consumers are within an appropriate drive-time to your proposed location. This data enables us to hone in on the optimal location for you in your given site selection area, while growing our network sustainably.

Our Broker: Lastly, for any Franchisee who does not have a strong background in Real Estate, we will align you with our commercial real estate firm to vet, prepare and complete any of the landlord negotiations or necessary documents required to execute a commercial lease. In addition, since this is a 10 year term and fixed cost for you, it is strongly advised that you retain your own legal counsel to review the terms of the lease prior to signing any documents. You are not required to pay the broker a commission for the services rendered and our broker will be readily available to you to begin your site selection process immediately upon executing your franchise agreement.

If you would like more information regarding the site selection process or available territories, please contact:  289.231.6285 / [email protected]