Dogtopia daycare centers offer a wide variety of services to pet parents. This means that to operate, you need to have the appropriate staff present at all times. On average, your store will have 13-15 employees including a General Manager. So, let’s take a look at each position:

Front Desk: The front desk will be a customer-facing role that typically pays a dollar or two above minimum wage. They will be responsible for greeting pet parents, booking reservations, answering phone calls, and other administrative and customer-service related tasks. You will have two front desk staff throughout the day to accommodate a morning and afternoon shift.

Rover: This is a unique position to Dogtopia that involves bringing the dogs back and forth from our lobby to the playrooms. They will also be responsible for helping Canine Coaches with cleaning the rooms once all appointments for the day have arrived. You will need at least two of these on any given day because of the 12-hour schedule.

Canine Coaches: Canine Coaches are our rock stars who get to be in the rooms with dogs all day! Due to Dogtopia’s commitment to safety, at least one Canine Coach must be present in any active playroom at all times. This means depending how busy your location is on any given day, you may need 4-6 coaches to staff the morning and afternoon shift. This role is physically demanding to be on your feet all day and has little interaction with other humans, but also the most rewarding as Coaches are directly responsible for making sure every dog has the most exciting day ever!

Groomers: Unlike every other position, Groomers will not be part of your payroll but instead are retained on a sub-contractor basis. We will provide you with a template for a traditional commission split as well as code of conduct form that must be exected by any groomer you work with.

Manager(s): Whether you decide to act as your own General Manager or hire an operating manager, it is important that a member of your management team is always present during store hours. Aside from a General Manager, this may include an optional Assistant Manager, Operations Manager, or Pet Parent Relationship Manager (Sales/Marketing Manager). Aside from the General Manager, each of the other roles are not mandatory within your store and could be employed on a full time or part-time hourly basis. When you complete your University and MBA training, we will provide you with additional details on the recommended org chart for various stages of ramp of your daycare centre.

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