The three largest fixed costs involved with owning a Dogtopia will typically be:

1- Rent: Although you do have the option to buy your own commercial real estate, , most of our Franchise owners opt into a 10-year lease in their preferred market. We have a dedicated team of real estate experts to help you negotiate the best possible lease up-front and this becomes a fixed cost in the operations of your business for the remainder of your 10 year term.

2-Payroll/Staffing: Like most client-facing businesses, hiring the right people to make an impact is the most essential part of your success. In order to ensure optimal safety and customer experience, we recommend having a staff of about 13-15 full and part time employees, including a manager. . On any given day, 8-10 employees plus your manager will be present with an AM and a PM shift. Retaining your team with a strong focus on culture is the best tactic you have to manage your payroll costs and reduce overtime and training expenses.

3-Royalty Payments: In exchange for gaining access to the Dogtopia Support Office team and our proprietary infrastructure and operational playbook, each franchisee pays an ongoing 7% royalty fee as well as a 2% marketing fee that goes back into our national development fund. Although we are restricted in our ability to run your business for you, we ensure that along every step of the way you receive timely support and training that will allow you and your staff to reach its maximum potential at Dogtopia. We will provide you all of the training sessions, tools, and platforms you need to excel on every front as a Dogtopia owner. Adding to this, you will be provided your own micro-site and social media pages we will help manage, access to all “town hall” meetings to learn about new platforms, practices, and hear about the successes of other locations, and full access to our dedicated marketing team to ensure you regularly have new leads coming into your business for you to convert into long term Dogtopians.

Email us at [email protected] for more information on how to open the next Dogtopia franchise in your preferred city.