Thanks to The Smart Franchisee Podcast for hosting Alex Samios, Vice President of Franchise Development at Dogtopia, on a recent podcast. Host Jessica Dhillon sat down with Samios to get his tips on how prospective business owners should choose the best franchise, and why you should do your research on the entire franchise network, not just the support office. “My tip is: look at the franchisees as well. Are there more winners and successful people in this franchise than in this one? What kind of brain trust and association are you getting involved with? When you look at ours, when you look at the individual strengths, the families, the backgrounds, the successes that we’ve recruited in, it’s hands down night and day than any other franchise in the pet industry.”

Jessica and Alex also discussed the incredible growth of the pet industry, as dogs are increasingly being treated like children by their pet parents, and how Dogtopia is setting itself apart from the thousands of pet services operators. “What Dogtopia is and what it stands for is really differentiating and diversifying itself from those other concepts with our systems, our branding, our team, our support, and our laser focus on daycare that’s going to make us stand out,” said Samios.

To learn more about Dogtopia and who their ideal franchisee is, listen here.

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