More millennials are easing into parenthood by starting with a four-legged “fur baby,” says Dogtopia’s CEO and President, Neil Gill, in a recent story by FranchiseWire.

Gill explains this generation is taking pet parenthood to a new level and seeking services that better meet their dogs’ needs. Dogtopia is helping pet parents get there with doggie daycare. “We help dogs become better canine citizens,” Neil explains in the article. “Through exercise, socialization and education, Dogtopia helps pets and their parents live better lives.”

The billion-dollar pet industry is continuously growing, but the pandemic, in particular, brought a significant increase in pet ownership. Accordingly, Gill says this time has brought awareness to the needs that pets have. “The pandemic helped people realize that their pets sleep all day and need more exercise and socialization than they get at home,” he tells FranchiseWire. “That’s where we come in. We help dogs live longer, healthier lives. So many dogs suffer from obesity and heart disease from inactivity. At Dogtopia, dogs get more exercise — about 30,000 steps a day.”

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