When choosing a franchise, prospective business owners often research a franchisor’s values and commitments. Our franchisees love Dogtopia because every decision we make stems from our love for dogs! As far back as our early days of 2002 when the idea of a doggie daycare seemed a bit farfetched to some, it was our commitment to providing quality care and services for your furry family members that has motivated us to become the company we are today. Now, with 160+ locations across North America, we remain committed to making a better world for dogs with our award-winning daycare, boarding, and spa services, as well as our charitable activities.

When you enter a Dogtopia daycare center, you will find our professionally trained and committed team ready to help make this the most exciting day ever for your pup. Our vision (or “Noble Cause” as we like to call it) is to enhance the joy of dog parenthood and enable dogs to positively change our world. This is what inspires us every day to continuously provide your furry family member with quality care filled with socialization, exercise, and education, all with the top safety standards in mind.

Our passion for pups also extends beyond the walls of Dogtopia, which is evident through our Dogtopia Foundation. The belief that dogs can positively change our world is what inspires us to connect with organizations and fund various programs that focus on three worthy causes: service dogs for Veterans, youth literacy programs, and employment initiatives for adults with autism.

Service Dogs for Veterans

Each of the service dog programs supported by Dogtopia Foundation has a specific focus on positively impacting the lives of United States military service members and Veterans. With around 19 million Veterans currently residing in America, the need for service dogs, including training and related research, is essential. This is why we commit to funding programs that specialize in supporting Veterans who return home with physical and emotional challenges.

We understand the monumental impact service dogs can provide. A recent study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs found that Veterans paired with service dogs trained to support those with post-traumatic stress disorder showed a significant decrease in accompanying symptoms. However, training service dogs specifically for Veterans takes a great deal of time and money, which is why we support organizations such as America’s VetDogs, Mutts with a Mission, Patriot PAWS Service Dogs among others, who are experts in their industry, and who are making a significant difference in communities throughout the US.

Youth Literacy Programs

SitStayRead is one of the successful grantees we have connected with for many years. They pair elementary school children in need of additional literacy help with certified dogs, and dedicated volunteers, all to advance their literacy skills. Research has shown numerous benefits of children reading to, and around, dogs, mainly connected to their behavioral processes, which can lead to a positive reading environment and improved reading performance.

Employment Programs for Adults with Autism

We at Dogtopia are committed to providing support for employment programs for adults with autism. Our goal is to provide an increase in self-determination with work opportunities that will lead to a positive impact on adults with autism. In partnership with the internationally acclaimed Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC), we have also released an Autism Employment Guide to assist Dogtopia daycare centers with hiring adults with autism, and provide tools and pathways that can lead to successful employment.

Our Funding Priorities

The Dogtopia Foundation provides grants under the direction of its Trustees, based on our grant guidelines, project merits and available funds. There are also National Impact grants awarded on a regional basis, as well as community grants awarded to organizations that align with the initiatives of the Dogtopia Foundation and that are located within communities served by our Dogtopia daycare centers. Interested nonprofit organizations can find grant guidelines and funding criteria on the Dogtopia Foundation website.

Get Involved

If you and your pup want to get involved, join our Fetch it Forward Club and feel great knowing that 100 percent of your monthly donation is supporting the programs we fund through the Dogtopia Foundation.

If you have questions about joining or your monthly donation, be sure to contact us today.