Have you found yourself in a role that doesn’t really suit your working style? Perhaps you work best during certain hours but struggle to find flexibility in a typical workday. Or you thrive in a team-based environment, but your role is more independent. This misalignment may result in feeling like you have adopted a “work persona” that doesn’t reflect your true self or inhibits your ability to perform at your best.

If you feel that a highly structured corporate environment is limiting your work-life balance or doesn’t match your preferred way of working, franchising may be a better option. As a franchise owner, you can run a business with the guidance and support of the franchisor while enjoying the flexibility to work at a pace that matches your working style.


Franchise ownership can offer greater flexibility and less rigidity in your workday. Although franchisees must adhere to the business model set out by the franchisor, they can still find flexibility in terms of their work hours, the workplace culture they cultivate, and how they carry out the franchise business given the tools, training, and model they are provided.

Depending on your franchise ownership style, there may be a significant time commitment initially in getting the location(s) up and running. However, once things are settled and you have a team of employees to manage operations, you can create hours that work best for you and your needs. For instance, if you are someone who will work more efficiently in the afternoon after taking care of family commitments in the morning, franchising offers that flexibility. Additionally, there may be opportunities to handle operations remotely, providing even greater freedom in your work environment.

The workplace you create as a franchisee is what you and your employees make it. If a supportive work environment wasn’t available in your corporate roles and resulted in you adopting a working style that didn’t set you up for success, you can now create a culture that prioritizes the needs of yourself and your employees. This can result in a flexible and supportive work environment that allows you and your staff to work in a way that best suits your needs while still adhering to the necessary structure to meet business goals.


Research shows that flexibility in the workplace can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. In a 2021 study, 43% of employees reported that flexible working hours helped them generate greater productivity, while in a study on flexible work arrangements, 73% of employees said the flexibility in their work arrangements boosted their job satisfaction.

Some franchisees take on the role as a side hustle, indicating just how versatile the opportunity can be and how you can take the working style that best suits you into the role rather than allowing a job to shape your working style.

Whether you prefer flexible working hours, a team-based environment, or a better work-life balance, franchising can offer the opportunity to merge your working style with your business goals and create a fulfilling and successful career as a franchise owner.


Dogtopia has franchise opportunities that can match your preferred working style and help you thrive. Be sure to check out our Culture page and our Why Dogtopia? page for more details.