Dogtopia’s CEO and President Neil Gill joined The Art of Improvement podcast to talk about the pandemic puppy boom, Dogtopia’s growth, why you need to send dogs to daycare, and more.

“There’s a lot of need out there, particularly now with the puppy pandemic binge that we’ve seen happen, people are looking for services for their dogs,” Gill told host Karen Clauss.

“Dogs are the only other mammal that feel love at the same level as humans do,” he added. “And so, knowing that…leaving your dog at home and going back to work really isn’t an option. You’ve got to consider them the same as a child. Children need an education, and so do dogs. And dogs need that socialization in their lives. They need to be stimulated from a brain point of view, and also from a physical point of view.”

“Our goal is when your dog goes to Dogtopia in the morning, they’ll come home a better dog that afternoon,” said Gill.

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