If you are considering investing in a dog daycare franchise, chances are you enjoy dogs and may even know the benefits associated with enrolling your pup in daycare. However, did you know that owning a dog daycare franchise can also have numerous benefits, specifically for your mental health?

In a workforce where 77% of American professionals have experienced burnout in their job and 64% report they frequently experience feelings of stress and frustration at work, finding a career that can support your mental health can be a great way to help combat negative feelings. While everyone’s experience running a franchise business can differ, owning a dog daycare franchise can provide many advantages to make the workday more positive. Below are some mental health benefits to consider when deciding whether to invest in the pet industry.


Owning a dog daycare franchise means that you will provide services to help meet the needs of your canine customers and their pet parents. Since your primary customers will be dogs, it is highly likely that you will be interacting with them on a daily basis, depending on the franchise ownership model you have selected. With this interaction comes several mental health benefits, as dogs have been proven to lower stress levels.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, research has found that the simple act of petting a dog lowers cortisol levels—the hormone that is released when experiencing stress. Additionally, when you meet a pet parent and their dog, the social interaction aspect increases oxytocin—a “feel-good” hormone. As a dog daycare franchisee, you receive the best of both worlds—you can pet and interact with dogs in your day, but also fulfill the social connection aspect each time you engage with your customers.

Not only does interacting with dogs reduce stress levels, but it also lowers blood pressure and can help boost heart health. Specifically looking at the workplace, the American Heart Association indicates that studies have found pets in the workplace can improve employee satisfaction. This means that interacting with dogs can benefit you and your team, making you feel happier in your roles. Combined, this can create a positive working environment.


According to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company, almost two-thirds of American employees reported that the pandemic caused them to reflect on their purpose in life, while 70% said their work largely defines their sense of purpose. Additionally, the pandemic has made a significant number of employees question the purpose of their day-to-day jobs.

When employees experience a sense of purpose from work, it has been reported that they have better outcomes at work and in their lives. Meaningful work has been found to be a strong motivator and can boost resiliency and determination.

As a dog daycare franchise owner, you have the unique opportunity to make a direct and positive impact on the physical and emotional well-being of the dogs in your care. This can result in a great sense of purpose and fulfillment, as you can see first-hand the impact your dog daycare creates.


If you have been in a traditional corporate role, you might be familiar with the sense of structure it provided in your day, but also the lack of novelty that may have developed. For some, this lack of novelty could lead to feeling chronically bored (also called “boreout”) at work, which can have detrimental effects on your mental health.

On the flip side, experiencing a positive sense of novelty can enhance your mood thanks to its activation of the dopamine system (aka the “feel-good” hormone) in the brain. It can also help increase creativity when dealing with stress, lower anxiety, lessen depression, and more.

Experiencing changes in your day-to-day can offer this sense of novelty and is something dog daycare franchisees are often exposed to. Of course, some responsibilities will remain static, but interacting with the public and speaking with new pet parents who have individual needs for their pups can allow you to think differently. Days can look different depending on the dogs at daycare and the activities planned. This can help keep the role fresh rather than stagnant.


A benefit of franchising is the flexibility it can offer, particularly with a work-life balance. If your working style thrives on flexibility, you’re not alone—a recent survey found that almost half (43%) reported that having flexible working hours resulted in higher productivity. Meanwhile, a study on flexible work arrangements found an overwhelming 73% of employees felt that having flexibility in their work arrangements improved their job satisfaction.

Many franchise systems offer their franchise network flexibility, particularly with the ownership model options offered. While some franchisees will choose a semi-absentee or absentee model with little to no involvement in managing daily operations, others can choose an owner-operator style where they are more hands-on. Regardless, franchisees lead a team of employees who can run the location, which can provide much more flexibility than a typical 9-5 would. Of course, in the beginning, there may be more of a time investment to get the location off the ground, but this investment can lessen as time goes on.

The same can apply to dog daycare franchisees. At Dogtopia, for example, each location has expertly trained Canine Coaches who interact with the dogs directly and a team that manages customer relations outside of the playroom. For our franchisees, regardless of the ownership model they chose, this can allow for greater flexibility in their day because they have a team to rely on.


Interested in bringing a dog daycare to your community? Check out our Why Dogtopia? page for details about us and this investment opportunity. Also, if you want to learn more about the booming pet industry and the outstanding projections it has in store, visit our About the Pet Industry page.