If you are searching for a franchise investment opportunity in a rapidly growing sector, look no further than the pet industry. The demand for pet-related services is on the rise, which presents prospective franchisees the opportunity to tap into an expanding market that continues to demonstrate significant year-over-year growth. In the U.S. alone, pet-related spending recently reached $136.8 billion and is projected to reach $277 billion by 2030, with the U.S. holding approximately 40% of the global market share.

The expansiveness of and diversity within the pet industry play a significant role in its success; from food to tech to pet care, there are a variety of segments within the industry. One particular market that has shown significant growth is daycare and lodging, which is expected to expand by $8.6 billion from 2021 to 2026.

When we founded Dogtopia in 2002, the dog daycare market was not as popular as it is today. Still a new concept to many, our idea of bringing dog parks indoors took some time to gain traction. However, helping pave this new path eventually led us to begin franchising in 2005, and we now have over 230 locations in our network, making us North America’s fastest-growing franchise in the pet industry.

If you are new to investing in the pet industry or franchising in general, finding a franchise brand that can set you up for success is key in this booming industry. As you consider your options, consider the ways Dogtopia stands out from the pack.


When it comes to franchising a dog daycare, choosing the right location can be crucial for success. Not only should it attract enough foot traffic, but it must also be suitable for groups of playful dogs. Dogtopia provides comprehensive support to our franchisees in this area. We offer turnkey real estate solutions with three flexible models (Urban, Suburban, and Industrial) ranging from 3,000 to 12,000 sq. ft. Within the preliminary real estate solutions, we help ensure that our dog daycare model can run efficiently in varying location sizes, giving franchisees suitable location options in their territory.


For dog daycares to be successful, dogs need to have a positive experience and pet parents need to feel assured that their dog is safe, healthy, and happy. At Dogtopia, we prioritize pups’ wellbeing at all 230+ locations in our network.

To achieve this, we have several measures that set us apart from other dog daycares. Each location has designated playrooms tailored to the dogs’ size, play style, and temperament. Additionally, our playrooms use compressed rubberized material for the floors, which aids in the paw and joint health of playing pups, as opposed to the gravel or cement found in some dog daycares. We also use advanced HVAC systems to keep the air clean, circulating, and temperature controlled. Plus, our locations have a Meet & Greet assessment to ensure all pups who attend are a good fit for our off-leash, open-play setting.

As for our Canine Coaches, they are trained by following a custom curriculum designed by a registered canine behaviorist. We also have a team of experts, including a veterinarian, canine behaviorist, and environmental biologist, who oversee our protocols and ensure the best possible care for each dog.

Why is this important to prospective franchisees seeking an investment opportunity in a dog daycare? Offering comprehensive operations guidelines and standards can lead to repeat business and lasting customer relationships.


While providing franchise training and support is not a new concept, what distinguishes us from other dog daycare franchises is the extensive ongoing support we offer to our franchisees. Many franchisors provide initial training to get franchisees up to speed on operations and other aspects of the business, but after the location opens, franchisees may feel like they are largely on their own.

At Dogtopia, we have not only refined our initial onboarding—including 30-day initial training program at Dogtopia University, which includes two weeks in the classroom and two weeks of in-store training—but we also maintain a high level of support throughout the franchisee’s journey. We have an expert franchise leadership and support team available, a dedicated primary point of contact that you can turn to, multiple online modules available for building and training your team, 10 days of grand opening support with six days prior and four days post-opening, one-on-one coaching calls to assist franchisees on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis, and so much more. Think of this support like a marathon—the prep beforehand is important, but the strategy and skill you have throughout the journey is what will result in a successful and profitable location.


Having a network of franchisees to connect with and lean on for support may not seem plausible for large organizations due to the sheer volume of franchisees. However, at Dogtopia, despite our extensive network, we make efforts to ensure our franchisees can meet others in a similar position within our company, which contributes to the ongoing support franchisees can expect from us. From our annual Dogtopia conference to our Village of Knowledge where franchisees share their best practices, local owners feel a sense of connection and camaraderie.


Not every franchise system in the pet industry offers flexible franchise ownership options. With other franchises, franchisees might be required to be hands-on with daily operations, which doesn’t leave much room for those interested in pursuing an opportunity with a work-life balance. At Dogtopia, we offer owner-operator (fully involved), absentee (a team of employees running daily operations), and semi-absentee (a mix of both) options that allow our franchisees to select a working style that best suits them.


When you think of dog daycare, you might consider it a daily service where pups are dropped off in the morning and picked up at the end of the day, like how daycare for children typically operates. At Dogtopia, we also provide boarding and spa services that add to a pup’s experience while in our care. While this can be a great “one-stop shop” for pet parents dropping their dog off, it also means that our franchisees have multiple revenue streams available. Rather than only focusing on daycare, franchisees can promote overnight stays for pups who need a home away from home, a full-service spa with treatments that range from doggie relaxation (i.e., spa baths) to necessary hygiene treatments (i.e., toothbrushing, nail trims, ear cleaning), and more. Many of our franchisees also offer training and grooming services, highlighting the range of opportunities available. Multiple revenue streams help make our franchise business model recession-resistant. Plus, our enrollment-based daycare services allow our franchise locations to follow a price model that generates consistent revenue, which helps address inflation in our daycare model.


If you are interested in pursuing a dog daycare franchise with Dogtopia, check out our next steps for what you can expect from our introductory call to signing the franchise agreement, and fill out our online inquiry form to get in touch with our franchising team.