Franchises have the power to make an impact on their community simply through the products and services they offer customers. However, there is an opportunity for franchise organizations to make an even greater impact by being socially responsible. In the business world, this can be referred to as “corporate social responsibility,” and many prospective franchisees look for it when considering moving forward with a company.


Put simply, corporate social responsibility is when a business demonstrates a commitment to the wellbeing of individuals and groups within a society through various established actions. For a company, this can look like supporting environmental efforts, donating to charities, elevating marginalized groups, following ethical business practices, and more.


There are several benefits in choosing to invest in a socially responsible franchise. On the franchisee side, contributing to the greater good can offer more career fulfillment and provide a greater sense of purpose. Additionally, prospective franchisees often look for opportunities that align with their values, which can further positively impact their satisfaction at work.

On the franchisor side, being socially responsible and incorporating that responsibility into the franchise’s values and commitments shows your purpose beyond profit. As a result, it can create a more positive brand image, which benefits every location within the franchise network. In turn, franchisees may find it easier to develop a team of employees, as many may feel inclined to work at a company with a positive reputation and greater purpose.

Consumers also care about supporting socially responsible companies. A recent report found that 70% of consumers want to know that they are supporting brands that address social and environmental issues, while 46% pay close attention to the social responsibility efforts of the business they are purchasing from.

In the context of a franchise business, choosing to invest in a socially responsible franchise provides an opportunity to make a positive impact, but it can also mean you are investing in a franchise with a positive reputation, which translates into more customers, lasting relationships, and long-term success.


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