Once you have decided to take steps toward franchise ownership, it comes down to one of the more important decisions: what industry will you pursue? Given how expansive the world of franchising is, there can be many options to choose from. Some may consider this a positive because there are an array of possibilities, but it can also seem overwhelming for those unsure of where to start. One way to narrow down the selection and help you hone in on a franchise business is by first considering where your passions lie.

Being passionate about your career can play a critical role in your motivation level and overall satisfaction surrounding your career and responsibilities. While the term “passionate” is a subjective feeling, discovering an industry that you are excited about and best aligns with your values and interests can help you achieve success and satisfaction.

For many, pursuing a role in franchising can either be a second career or a decision based on the entrepreneurial desire to operate a business. Either way, choosing an industry that you enjoy and that supports your career goals and lifestyle, which may not have been found in previous roles, can be crucial in experiencing long-term career fulfillment.


Feeling motivated is important at work; you need that “get up and go” feeling to have the desire to successfully carry out your responsibilities. With high motivation levels in a workplace comes feelings of satisfaction. In fact, an employee survey focused on motivation found that 87% of employees were less likely to resign from their workplace if they felt motivated, and they worked 20% better when they were engaged and motivated.

Being motivated to carry out daily tasks and responsibilities is important as a franchise owner, especially because you can have a team looking to you for support, leadership and guidance. Finding an industry that you are passionate about can help generate this motivation because there is a sense of excitement and interest in the work you are doing.


Workplace stress is at an all-time high. A report on the State of the Global Workplace found that employees around the world are experiencing more stress than what was recorded pre-pandemic, which was already considered at an all-time high. In the US, 83% of workers experience stress related to their workplace, and 25% have cited that their number one stressor is their job.

It goes without saying how troubling this can be for so many individuals. This is why it can be incredibly important to find a franchise industry you are passionate about or find immensely interesting. While this is not to say there won’t be stressful instances as a franchise owner, working within a franchise system which offers support and in which you find genuine excitement will help make every instance (stressful or not) worthwhile.


In any type of business environment, when you feel engaged in the work you are doing, it will spread to those around you. In turn, this creates a positive workplace culture that fosters collective growth and success. As a franchise owner, you will develop and strengthen many leadership skills, and feeling engaged in your work will help you be a more effective leader who can delegate tasks, communicate effectively, and remain open to learning and improving.


According to a recent study on how the pandemic impacted employees’ feelings about work and life, 52% reported that they “agree or strongly agree”  that the pandemic has made them question the purpose of their job. Similarly, a study on employees in the US found that almost two-thirds said the pandemic caused them to consider their own purpose in life.

When your sense of purpose aligns with your career, you will feel a greater sense of motivation and a desire to achieve your goals. As a prospective franchise owner, you want to feel like there is an underlying purpose to your daily work. Finding such purpose can stem from selecting a business and industry you care about.

If you have zero purpose to support you in your career, completing daily tasks will feel mundane. This is commonly why some employees may mentally “check out” or what is now considered as “quiet quitting.” As a franchise owner, it is up to you to be the one to lead a team, set and meet business goals, connect with customers, and produce quality products or services. This is only the beginning as the list is endless. All these responsibilities are going to feel dull or monotonous if you are not passionate about the work you are doing.


Franchisees follow a set business model formulated by the franchisor that has been proven to be effective. This means they can bypass the initial steps that are necessary to create a successful business such as creating brand awareness, authority, marketing and more. However, for franchisees to generate and maintain success in their location, they must put in the time and effort.

Taking on the title of franchise owner is not an easy task. However, when you choose an industry that you are passionate about, putting in that time and effort is not going to feel cumbersome because you will want to do so. Passion can be considered one of the pillars to running a successful franchise location, and it will be apparent in all your decisions and actions as a franchisee.


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