When looking to own a dog daycare center, one of the main concerns for franchisees and us as a franchisor is the health and safety of the dogs.

During daytime hours, each playroom is monitored by a highly-trained canine coach who has been certified directly through Dogtopia and equipped with several unharmful scuffle prevention tools and techniques. But, are these canine coaches always present? Even during overnight hours?

As a franchise brand with over 180 locations currently open and operating, we can truly say we have tried it all when it comes to boarding. We’ve tried having coaches present all night long, having a human come do “check-ins” of the dogs during sleeping hours, and having no staff at all present.

What we determined is that some type of hybrid combining the no-staff model and the night-long model is typically the best fit.

On days where only a few dogs are staying overnight, having no staff present is typically best as it keeps your payroll down and allows the pups to have a nice, calm sleep overnight after an exhausting day of daycare. Our business model ensures that dogs are never alone for more than the time they are asleep. Additionally, we have security systems in place that notify owners immediately if any unusual movements outside of the playrooms occur.

In higher boarding seasons such as Christmas or Spring Break when any given location may have upwards of 20 boarding dogs, we recommend having someone present overnight acting as a night auditor where they can monitor the dogs and complete additional tasks behind the front desk as well.

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