“We are excited to officially welcome you to the Dogtopia family!”. As a prospect looking to purchase your own Dogtopia daycare center, these words could not come sooner. So, once you have officially been awarded a Dogtopia franchise agreement, what’s next? Does construction immediately start? Will I already have a turn-key location? If not, how long will it take to find and build a location? These are all valid questions, and should be looked at in four stages:

1- Site Selection: Typically, Dogtopia franchise owners will not have a location prior to signing a Franchise Agreement so, on average, 1-4 months should be expected for the site selection process. You may come to us with a pre-vetted location that would still need to be approved by us, but could progress to construction on a more accelerated timeline.

2- LOI Stage: Once a franchisee has decided on a location and Support Office has approved of the location, we will draft a Letter of Intent (to lease) for submission to the landlord. Pending zoning, the range of this stage may vary anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

3- Construction Stage: Once your lease has been approved and officially signed, you will move into the construction stage. The anticipated timeline for construction is 3-4 months.

4- Pre Opening Stage: After construction, we suggest leaving at least 30 days to make sure all staff is in place, pre-opening marketing has been deployed, and all operational and facility resources are ready for your first day opening.

Overall, the timeline can range anywhere from 5-12 months, but on average tends to be about 10 months.

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