Peter Thomas, Chairman of Thomas Franchise Solutions, has announced the purchase of his partners’ interest in Dogtopia, the leading dog day care provider in north America. Dogtopia’s current growth strategy is to expand their leading dog-day-care, boarding and spa brand to more than 400 locations across the U.S. and Canada over the next several years. With services ranging from open play dog daycare and overnight boarding to spa services, residents of the US and Canada will soon have the top choice to take their pets for pampering and care.

Dogtopia has a strong track record, highly experienced and dedicated support system and its franchisees’ passion for dogs has proven to be the all the right ingredients for their past and future success.
Dogtopia launched in 2002 and grew to 35 locations nationwide. Since partnering with Thomas Franchise Solutions, Dogtopia has sold or has indications of interest in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver (and surrounding areas), San Diego, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Orange County (CA) and San Francisco.

In addition, there are currently many single-unit stores in various stages of development that plan on opening very soon. Dogtopia’s design mirrors that of a chic, upscale spa that is laid out in a similar manner to a children’s daycare facility. Dogtopia has multiple playrooms to suit every personality and size. In addition to daycare and boarding, Dogtopia’s unique boutique offers self-service dog wash and products that pamper dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dogtopia’s clients enjoy an open layout with play equipment and special rubber flooring to ease joints, prevent slipping, and provide a safer play area.

The division of dogs between rooms allows Dogtopia personnel to control air quality, prevent accidents, and provide an overall stress-free atmosphere. Generally, 25-30 dogs play in each room and Dogtopia employs web camera technology in each room that allows the dogs’ owners to check on their pets during playtime.
For more information about Dogtopia please visit or email [email protected]