At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the franchise industry faced uncertainty and disruption. Now, as businesses across North America reopen, interest in the franchise industry has reached new heights. While many small businesses suffered during the pandemic, most franchise systems offered stability and support, making them even more attractive than ever.

If you have been thinking about owning a franchise, now can be a great time to begin the process, especially during the post-pandemic franchise boom, which many experts predicted. Benefits of joining the franchise industry include:

  • Plenty of Support – Following the economic instability of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs are moving away from the idea of starting a business from scratch and are instead leaning toward owning a franchise, largely because of the amount of support that’s available. Franchise owners get to build upon an existing company that already has the experience and expertise, while still having a sense of autonomy. Additionally, because of this support, franchises are a more secure investment than new businesses thanks to their proven business models and already established brand recognition.
  • Greater Opportunity for Real Estate – Unfortunately, many businesses had to give up their physical locations throughout the pandemic and operate remotely. However, this means that the real estate market has an influx of available locations, offering great deals. Adding a successful franchise location in your community has never been easier.
  • Employment Freedom – One of the great things about being a franchise owner is the freedom it brings. With the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought in various areas of our lives, having the opportunity to decide what your day-to-day looks like can be extremely appealing.

Franchise Opportunities Within the Booming Pet Industry

The pet industry, in particular, has seen outstanding growth throughout the pandemic, and this is projected to continue in the future. Part of the rise in the pets industry is due to post-pandemic puppies. During the pandemic, there was a 40% increase in puppy adoptions. Now, with pet parents going back to work and various industries (such as travel) opening back up, the need for dog daycare and socialization is as prevalent as ever.

For further details about franchising opportunities in the pet industry, check out Dogtopia’s FAQ page, and to get started on owning a Dogtopia location of your very own, be sure to fill out our application.